Muamp#5 electrostatic ear speaker

Muamp makes electrostatic headphones with the aim to produce ultimate sound reproduction in a comfortable headphone, sometimes referred to as electrostatic ear speakers or head speakers. Each Muamp head-speaker is unique and is hand made as a custom 'one off' design, no two pairs the same.

All Muamp headphones are completely hand made, constructed and tested by Muamp.

All later Muamp headphones and future Muamp headphones are and will be variations based on Muamp#1, #3, #4 and #5. Some have screw fastenings visable/hidden on rear, different hardwood surrounds and a selection of coloured ear cushions and head bands.


This is Muamp#5, a variant of Muamp#4.


It has an oval head cushion simliar to Muamp#4.


The customer asked for the headband cross frame to be ultra thin to make the back as open as possible. I am pleased to say he liked the result.


This cross frame still allows the Muamp style headband, providing protection to the panel, but also provides extreme openness.


Hardwood surround construction with the new style headband cross frame made of thin metal rod. Thinner and further away from the panel making it acoustically transparent.


With a plaited low capacitance cable.


Stax Pro compatible 5 pin plug.


Muamp#4 (left ) and Muamp#5 (right).