Muamp#3 electrostatic ear speaker

Muamp makes electrostatic headphones with the aim to produce ultimate sound reproduction in a comfortable headphone, sometimes referred to as electrostatic ear speakers or head speakers. Each Muamp head-speaker is unique and is hand made as a custom 'one off' design, no two pairs the same.

An original design by Muamp, completely hand made, constructed and tested by Muamp.

Muamp#3 forms the fundamental design of all the later Muamp headphones. Various hardwoods, cushion colours and headband cushions have been used in the same headphone design.


After research from testing Muamp#2 it was clear that 100% open back has enormous benefits, especially at high frequencies. The openness makes such a difference and really does acoustically excel from being completely open.


All the best bits of Muamp#1 and Muamp#2 are incorporated in #3. Keeping the same basic design as Muamp#1 with uncompromising sound quality.


Hardwood is very easy to cut on a CNC machine with minimal sanding required.


Hardwoods like Afromosa have a beautifully rich grain, providing an excellent finish to the surround.


The Afromosa surround is extremely hard, making it a rigid encasement for the electrostatic panels.


The cable is very low in capacitance due to the six cores being individual cables with thick sheath insulation. The cable has lower capacitance than any other electrostatic headphone cable. The Muamp made, Stax compatible plug has a black barrel with Afromosa ends and gold plated pins.


Muamp#1 on the left and Muamp#3 on the right.


Muamp#3 connected to a Stax SRM-252s energiser.