Muamp#4 electrostatic ear speaker

Muamp makes electrostatic headphones with the aim to produce ultimate sound reproduction in a comfortable headphone, sometimes referred to as electrostatic ear speakers or head speakers. Each Muamp head-speaker is unique and is hand made as a custom 'one off' design, no two pairs the same.

All Muamp headphones are completely hand made, constructed and tested by Muamp.

Only Muamp#2 was made with a partially enclosed back. ALL others since Muamp#2 have been 100% open back, with emphasis on being completely open.

Muamp#4 was the first Muamp ESHS to incorporate the plaited cable. It was also the first one to have the oval head cushion, which now is the normal head cushion for later builds.


This is a variant based on Muamp#3.


It has an oval head cushion and modified dust shields.


With a plaited low capacitance cable.