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About Muamp

Any questions or comments regarding Muamp hand made ear-speakers or about Muamp DIY parts and build questions, email david@muamp.com

Muamp started with an aim to make a pair of electrostatic ear-speakers as good as the best you could buy, predominantly the Stax SR-009, as a personal hobby/quest. People who have listened and auditioned Muamp ESHS can confirm that my aim has been achieved.

Buy Muamp ear-speakers

Muamp makes hand made, high end ear-speakers for enthusiasts. Muamp makes hand made electrostatic headphones for individuals, so they can also enjoy the pleasures of listening to music with the best audio reproduction that is possible. Muamp will be making new electrostatic headphones and advertising them on the Buy Muamp ESHS page.

If you wish to audition a Muamp ESHS, you are welcome to do so, even to compare them back to back with the SR-009 or any other headphone. To find out how, email david@muamp.com.

DIY Muamp ear-speakers

Muamp is continually making and sourcing new parts for electrostatic ear speaker research, using different stators, spacers, surrounds, ear cushions and other headphone parts. To make things easy for prospective electrostatic ear speaker DIY'ers, from time to time Muamp will be processing small scale production runs of various parts which are differcult to make or source (cables, plugs, ear cushions, headbands, surrounds etc) for sale on this website.

Muamp also sells ESHS panel parts for DIY'ers to make a DIY version of the Muamp ESHS. Muamp#6 is a simplified version of the Muamp elite ear-speaker, allowing you to use a combination of parts; some made or sourced by you and some bought from Muamp. See Muamp DIY page for information.

Muamp History, Development and Future

Development of Muamp from the early days







Make your own Electrostatic ear-speakers

Electrostatic energisers

HiFi events

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Associated Links

Rapid Electronics are a major supplier of MUAMP parts

Vectric Cut2D is used to design and produce CNC G-code for MUAMP construction

Highend headphones have a good selection of electrostatic energisers

highend headphones showroom

Photo taken at highend headphones showroom. Wendy is listening to Muamp#4.

We visited highend headphones so that a Muamp ESHS headphone user could audition various Stax energisers.

Photo published with kind permission of Paul at highend headphones.

Muamp (humorous) sales quotes

"Muamp, probably the best headphones in the world."

"Muamp#2, the second best headphone in the world."

Muamp Promotional Images

headphone_logo_1    headphone_logo_2    headphone_logo_3

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