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About Muamp

Electrostatic ear speakers - hand made in Colchester.

                      electrostatic headphones

I make hand made, high end ear-speakers for audio enthusiasts I know and selected headphone enthusiasts, so they can enjoy the pleasures of listening to music with the best audio reproduction that is possible.

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Muamp electrostatic headphones, often referred to as electrostatic ear-speakers or as Muamp calls them 'electrostatic head speakers' (ESHS) produce ultimate sound reproduction in a comfortable headphone. All Muamp head speakers are hand made.

Muamp started with an aim to make a pair of electrostatic ear-speakers as good as the best you could buy, predominantly the Stax SR-009 as a personal hobby/quest. Three years in making with testing by many headphone audiophiles to culminate with Muamp's original and unique designs of electrostatic ear-speakers, providing ultimate sound quality with exceptional comfort. Over these three years the testers have provided feedback and constructive criticism on all Muamp ESHS builds. This feedback has been a crucial part in the development of Muamp ESHS's and a vital part of the continuing pursuit of making the best audio reproduction in a headphone.

With these headphones having electrostatic panels to produce the sound, the lack of colouration combined with detail in the mid range and high frequencies is unparalleled. You will hear the music with detail you cannot hear with conventional headphones. The sound reproduction is the closest you can get to being in the location where the sound was recorded, as if you were really there. The bass on these top end electrostatics is also powerful, providing the full listening experience.

I like to listen with portable energisers; Kingsound M-03 and soon also Stax SRM-D10. Portable energisers do sound great, battery operated, driving an over ear electrostatic headphone and also being very convenient.

Muamp Links

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Highend headphones have a good selection of electrostatic energisers

highend headphones showroom

Photo taken at highend headphones showroom. Wendy from Highend headphones is listening to Muamp#4.

We visited highend headphones so that a Muamp ESHS headphone user could audition various Stax energisers.

Photo published with kind permission of Paul at highend headphones.

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                      electrostatic headphones

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