Commercially made electrostatic headphones (currently available)

Electrostatic headphones

Stax SR-009
Stax SR-007 Mk2
Stax SR-407 Signature
Stax SR-L700
Stax SR-L500
Stax SR-L300
Stax SR-003 Mk2 (in ear - works with Stax Pro 5 pin energiser and sold with SRM-252s)
Stax SR-002 (battery - in ear - complete system - only works with SRM-002 energiser)

Sennheiser HE1 (Orpheus - only works with supplied energiser)

Mr speakers VOCE

HiFi Man Shang-ri La (complete system with energiser, will work with other enerisers)

Sonoma Model One (only works with supplied energiser)

Koss ESP950 (complete system with Koss E90 energiser, will work with other energisers using cable adapter)

Kingsound KS-H2
Kingsound KS-H3
Kingsound KS-H04

Shure KSE1500 (battery - ear bud complete system)


Electrostatic energisers / amplifiers

Stax SRM-T8000
Stax SRM-007t II
Stax SRM-007t II Kimik
Stax SRM-727 II
Stax SRM-006tS
Stax SRM-353x
Stax SRM-252s
Stax SRM-D10 (portable battery energiser)

Cavali Liquid Lightning 2

HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE (special edition)

Woo Audio WES
Woo Audio GES
Woo Audio WEE (audio transformer energiser requiring speaker level input)

Trilogy H1

Quartet Lab Eclipse

MSB Technology Select

Kingsound M-10
Kingsound M-20
Kingsound M-03 (portable battery energiser, long battery use between charges - audio transformer with op-amp input from 3.5mm jack)

iFi pro iESL (audio transformer energiser with speaker level inputs and balanced XLR input - various bias voltages selectable)

'Mjolnir audio' sell various hand made Kevin Gilmore energisers


Electrostatic headphones retailers


Highendheadphones (
Audio sanctuary
Cheshire audio



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