Muamp custom made headphones


The first custom made ear speaker, an original Muamp design. Shown with a Muamp audio transformer electrostatic headphone amplifier.



Shortly followed by #2, a hardwood semi open back custom made electrostatic ear speaker.



Muamp#3, also a hardwood (Afromosa) design, but fully open back electrostatic ear speaker.



Muamp#4, again a hardwood (Afromosa) design, modified plaited cable and oval head cushion electrostatic ear speaker.



Muamp#5, ultra thin headband cross frame electrostatic ear speaker.



Muamp#6, totally new design of electrostatic ear speaker. The idea was to design an electrostatic headphone which could be sold in kit form and be easily built by DIY'ers.


Muamp Spyder

The inspiration for the Spyder came after Muamp#6, trying to get a highend headphone which is quicker to build than the hardwood designs. The result is a very light headphone which people preferred. The use of lambs leather or leatherette ear cushions was also peoples preferred choice, but I still use fleece ear cushions on a Muamp#4 headphone in my office and now also on a variation of the Spyder, which I use to relax at home.

Muamp Spyder

A variation of the Muamp Spyder, with a modified head cushion, locking ear cup positions, so it will always be adjusted in the postion for my head and of course, since this pair is made for me, fleece ear cups.

Muamp Spyder variation

Comparisons of Muamp designs

Various different Muamp headphone designs.

Muamp#2 and #1

Muamp#2 next to Muamp#1

Muamp#1 and #3

Muamp#1 next to Muamp#3

Muamp#4 and #5

Muamp#4 next to Muamp#5

Muamp#4 and Spyder variation

Muamp#4 next to a variation of the Spyder